Independent Network

The Interdependent Network

Are you I.N. to growing mutually beneficial relationships of exchange?
The mission of the Interdependent Network is to cultivate connections between people. 
On a very basic level, starting with food, the Interdependent Network is a way to interact with our neighbors, near and far, so that we are not relying on multi-national companies or government hand-outs to provide for us, rather we are relying on our connection with each other and our home-ground.
For every $5 you contribute in product or cash donation to local food producers through the Trading Post’s LOVEM CSA you can receive a PostNote Pledge Gift Coupon that is a CSA Share of Local-Organic Food and a gift coupon to exchange locally.
What are PostNote Pledge Coupons?
1.     a gift coupon to keep support local 
2.     a gift share (or portion) of local food
3.     a facilitator of exchange among friends and neighbors
4.     a teaching tool for “perm-economy” and community sustainability
How do PostNote Pledge Coupons Work?
1.     Contribute to local growers at the Trading Post’s multi-farm CSA*
2.     Receive a PostNote Pledge gift coupon for every $5 contributed
3.     Pick up a CSA* box of local food at the Trading Post
4.     Use gift coupons to support locals
*Community Supported Agriculture