Members Save!

Choose the membership that is right for you.

All prices in the store are at wholesale. Everyone who benefits from these low prices contributes to keep the Trading Post Farm Food Hub going.

Yearly membership – $200

Volunteer, Producer or
Business member – Free

Volunteer your time by making value added products, cleaning, restocking, weeding, harvesting or processing farm food. Suggested time 2-3 hours a week. Bring your homegrown products to sell, or accept “PostNotes” at your local business.

Monthly Member – $20

For customers who may be planning to be out of town some months. (Get a free week on months that have 5 weeks.)

Weekly member – $5

For someone who is not a regular customer and only occasionally purchases things, or who needs to pay in $5 installments. Talk to cashier if you still need help affording a membership.

Walk-in members – 10% markup

If none of the above membership options work for you, then we add 10% to the total of your bill.

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